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autumn splendour


Colors burst in wild explosions
Fiery, flaming shades of fall
All in accord with my pounding heart
Behold the autumn-weaver
In bronze and yellow dying
Colors unfold into dreams
In hordes of a thousand and one
The bleeding
Unwearing their masks to the last notes of summer
Their flutes and horns in nightly swarming
Colors burst within
Spare me those unending fires
Bestowed upon the flaming shades of fall.

– Dark Tranquility, With the Flaming Shades of Fall



my youngest with her friends in autumn splendour


playing with the autumn leaves


they had fun!


my middle daughter with her friend feeding the goats


look what we found, a cottage for children!


let’s explore!

let's explore this tiny caravan now

let’s explore this tiny caravan now


an ancient well


always been my dream to see a gypsy caravan


the children loved it!


autumn is my favourite season for sure


my youngest two


my youngest playing with her friends


the autumn leaves


the children just love being outdoors in autumn

the summer plants may have died but the colours of autumn make up for it


my youngest and her friend captivated by the butterfly replicas


my middle daughter and her friends feeding the fawn


the female deers, doe a deer a female deer!

oh hello there!

oh hello there!


my youngest running through the fruit orchard


even the fish in the pond spotted autumn colours


some autumn flowers


I love the red and gold display


I love autumn!


500+500 miles


I told my husband recently of how I wished I had met him sooner, rather than in our late 20s. He smiled and said that I wouldn’t have noticed him back then. Hmm, I should be the judge of that I think. I then wondered whether he would have fancied me had we met a decade earlier. He said yes, without a doubt. He said he would have taken me away and hid me from the rest of the world! I thought he did that anyway! šŸ™‚ My hubby is funny like that, he makes me smile. On days when I feel a bit down, I think of him and his sweet words and I feel cheered. Life is like that isn’t it, sometimes you feel on top of the world, the next moment you feel like you’re in the dumps. I lead a very simple quiet life, just the way I like it. I don’t even have a TV (by choice)! But from time to time (like all normal mortals), I can’t help but feel annoyed, upset, angry or sad. Dealing with people is never easy. Sometimes I just feel like shouting out, ‘Please folks, just leave me be!’ No wonder many wise ones throughout history chose to hide and meditate in the sticks far away from it all, stress free!!!

Well, shall we escape for a while then? Follow us on our nature outing during our recent Scotland trip. I took my 4 children on this lovely trail at a place called Inverawe. My children love pretending getting lost in the woods, they would walk fast ahead of me just so that I lose sight of them. Children love the thrill of adventure and I must admit I was like that as a child myself. But as a mother my middle name is now WORRY. Even though this forest was safe, my motherly instinct sniffed out for trouble yonder. I need to relax a bit, my hubby always says. I couldn’t agree more! Oh well, time to go out and chill I think, a good friend has invited me out to dinner (ladies night out) and I so look forward to it! I leave you with our nature trail pictures and a beautiful song to go with it. Would you travel 500 miles + 500 miles more to be with the one you love? Oh yes, 6,500 miles to be exact! Now I know where my children got their daring sense of adventure from!!!


our nature trail began


my eldest and my youngest leading the way

not that way!

not that way!

further into the woods

further into the woods


down they went


let’s slide down!


over the bridge

my big girl lost track of the rest

my big girl lost track of the rest

they found a little fort

they found a little fort


they loved it!

their role play continued

explored every corner of the woods


let’s have a short rest now

this is fun!

this was fun!


off they went again




stay quiet, there’s a deer!


and a Scottish Highland cow too!


seek and you shall find peace and beauty!

A Scotland post is not complete without a song by an awesome Scottish band, they take my autumn blues away! Enjoy it! šŸ˜‰

What is a husband?


my everlasting gifts to hubby dearest

A husband is a man you really love –

He’s the closest friend you’ll ever have…

His smile can make you smile,

And just being there can cheer you up,

No matter what goes wrong.

A husband is that special man

Who shares your dreamsĀ 

And helps them come true.

He gives a special meaning to the word – together.

It really doesn’t matter where we are

Or what we’re doing.

As long as we have each other to share it all.

Now that I’ve come this far

Now I know that happiness goes on,

(That’s where you found me)

I intend to hold you for the longest time!!!

Sweet memories are priceless, I like to preserve them with good old melodies that warm the heart…

let’s cherish!


People come into your life for a season, a reason or for a LIFETIME…

It takes a long time to grow and old friend…

A true friend loves at all times…

More on friendship! One of my close friends visited me again last weekend, the first time she did so was in year 2009. This is also a friend who goes back a long way, since boarding school when we were 12-13 years old. But we got real close when we lived together along with several others in an apartment after we graduated. We had fun together, but I got bored after a few years and wanted more out of life. That was when I decided to pursue my Masters degree in England. As excited as I was to embark upon a new adventure, I felt really sad in leaving my close friends behind. I still remember when we went out together for the last time, they treated me to a high tea at a hotel. I even found a picture of us together during that outing, you can see how forlorn I looked below. Oh yeah, the friend who just visited is the one sat next to me!


my close friends and I at my farewell tea party, Kuala Lumpur, 1996

Little did I know my new adventure was to turn into a lifetime one, for I never went back! I got married the following year and posted a wedding photo to each of my friends. I missed them heaps but life got busy, my children came along and the rest is history! But I kept in touch with them via email and we met up every time I returned for holidays. We continued as if we never left each other; we still shared our ups and downs. We’ve seen each other through tears and smiles, we know each personality that’s made us either happy or sad. We don’t judge each other, we advise and discuss matters together. These are the friends that I can call up at 3 o’clock in the morning, or who’s called me up at some ridiculous hour because we needed a woman to hear us out. I feel very blessed, Alhamdulillah, they are still in my life today. With the advancement of technology, I now chat with them almost everyday! I feel cherished because these friends still seek and value my friendship over 4 decades! Although we meet new people in our lives, not all remain close for whatever reason. I honestly believe that as we get older, the most meaningful friendships are those that have lasted the test of time.



with my close friend who visited me last weekend!

Although we look different now (we have all put on at least 20 kgs each!), we still see and treat each other as the teenagers we once were. It’s funny that, but it’s true! Somehow we can’t seem to erase that mental image we have of each other! Anyway, I just want to say thank you to all my close friends, including the rest who are not in the pictures I’ve posted on my blog so far. Thank you for keeping in touch all these years I’ve been in England. It means a whole lot to me! Let’s cherish our friendship and love forever with this song below which used to be our favourite back in the mid-80s! šŸ˜‰

Cherish the love, cherish the life! SpeciallyĀ dedicated to those who continue to visit me in my humble home…

autumn music


Simple pleasures are life’s greatest treasures…

You can have everything and still be miserable. Or you can have relatively little and feel very rich. Happiness is a state of mind. Develop tools for how to get it…

Live simply. LoveĀ generously. Deepest joy is like a flower, beautiful in essence…

Greetings again! Autumn is here, my favourite season! There is something melancholy about Autumn, I ponder and reflect more on life and people around me at this time of the year. We live in an age where leading a simple quiet life is frowned upon. It’s totally uncool and boring. It seems everyone’s competing to show off their latest assets, where does it end, I wonder? You will always be chasing after the next best thing, just because some other person will have something better. There will always be people in higher position than you, it’s best to count your blessings and be content with what little you have. Real happiness comes from appreciating the simple pleasures in life, like being out in nature. True happiness comes from establishing real connections with people whom you love and who genuinely love you in return. I emphasis on these themes throughout my blog, from the very beginning. And I shall continue to do so!

One of my close friends is in the UK at the moment, she’s just been touring Europe with her family. She shared with me some awesome photos. When I asked her whether she was going to share it on her social media, she said whatever for? It’s sufficient for her nearest and dearest to see the pictures. Hmm, I guess it all boils down to one’s intention at the end of the day. As long as it’s not to brag, or to compete with the Joneses, I think one should be okay. Otherwise one will never be happy, always looking for ways to outdo others! This is especially so for the younger generation of today, which is why I stress on my principles in raising my children. It’s the people that matter; the feelings you share, the way you treat each other, I constantly say. Material stuff has its place, certainly not for show! Even a simple wildflower posy is good enough if it’s given with lots of love!

Anyway, enough chattering, I must be off. After a gloomy start to the week, I’m getting rather busy. We will be celebrating Eidul Adha on Saturday here in the UK, I shall be cooking Rick Stein’s chicken biryani, InshaAllah. I have posted about it before, it’s tried and tested! I normally cook lamb biryani, but since I will be cooking a huge pot of Qurbani lamb on Sunday (for my close friend I mentioned earlier, yes, she will be visiting me!), I have to prepare something else! I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims Eid Mubarak, hope you will have a lovely day, wherever you may be! To the rest of my readers, I hope you will like my few Autumn pictures below, along with the beautiful Autumn music!

Note to self: Children will not remember you for the material things you provided, they will remember you for the feeling that you cherished them…


my youngest with her dearest friend

my youngest daughter and her best friend enjoying the simple pleasures in life

Eid Mubarak!