What is a husband?


my everlasting gifts to hubby dearest

A husband is a man you really love –

He’s the closest friend you’ll ever have…

His smile can make you smile,

And just being there can cheer you up,

No matter what goes wrong.

A husband is that special man

Who shares your dreams 

And helps them come true.

He gives a special meaning to the word – together.

It really doesn’t matter where we are

Or what we’re doing.

As long as we have each other to share it all.

Now that I’ve come this far

Now I know that happiness goes on,

(That’s where you found me)

I intend to hold you for the longest time!!!

Sweet memories are priceless, I like to preserve them with good old melodies that warm the heart…


2 responses

    • Than you Karen! Always a pleasure to read your positive encouraging comments! I always try to focus on my blessings, they keep me going…they help me stay focused on what matters in life.