spread love


Spread love everywhere you go, let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier – Mother Theresa

The best of people is one from whom good accrues to humanity – Prophet Muhammad  (peace be upon him)

Where there is love, there is life Mahatma Gandhi

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule Buddha

Greetings again, hope all well! I woke up this morning and thought to myself, I need to spread some love, I need to show in my own little way that peace and beauty still exist in this world. I feel disheartened each time I read the news headlines these days; deadly crimes, terror attacks, social/political/religious injustice, they’re everywhere! I feel more saddened by the fact that many so-called Muslims are behind these heinous acts, how can the word Islam mean peace, then? All religions promote peace, harmony and tolerance, how can people who share my faith go around committing these acts? Have they no compassion, have they no remorse? Why so much hatred in them? Where is their sense of humanity?

Don’t they have any loved ones, to teach them the meaning of love? Have they forgotten or do they not know what true Islam is all about? The simplicity and beauty of it, to be patient and tolerant, to spread peace and love by showing the best of example? I am no Islamic preacher nor am I overly religious. But I do know that I’ve been born and raised in this beautiful religion of Islam, which is my way of life. And I am completely happy and content with it. Sometimes the true essence of a religion can be found in the lives of ordinary folks like us. Perhaps you will discover or have discovered this as you read my blog. Life is short, don’t waste your time. Live simply. To live is to love, to love is to live. Spread the love!

love in my parents continues in my life

love in my parents continues to flow in my life

 What is life, without love? Have you forgotten, or do you not know? Is this LOVE? I choose never to forget.


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  1. Jazakillah for the wonderful message. We Muslims are being pushed to a corner where we feel we have to be apologetic for actions not our own. Inspite of the fact that we do not support those acts of hate and violence. I feel depressed, sometimes, very sad and these negative feelings are taking their toll on my writings.
    You must have heard about the massacre of school children in Peshawar, still feel shattered although more than a month has passed. But I wonder if these scars will ever heal. I need to write about it, I feel I owe it to the martyred children but somehow, I can not bring myself to do so. You are such a regular (and beautiful) writer. Please help me with your advice.
    N.B Instead of an email I am sharing my emotions here, as I really need fellow writers to help me out of this bad patch!

    • What can I say? Those people are worse than animals! Even animals know how to love their young ones. Their punishment awaits them. As for the martyred children, they are in Heaven. And their grieving parents will join them eventually. This world is not perfect as we know, it’s a test. We have to exercise patience as more calamities and catastrophes befall us. Not an easy task for sure, but the patient ones will be rewarded, Ameen.

      • Ameen! Tough times for Pakistan, another major act of terrorism Yesterday…more than 50 lives lost! My heart bleeds for my beloved Homeland. Please remember us in your special prayers