january blues


The shortest day has passed, and whatever nastiness of weather we may look forward to in January and February, at least we notice that the days are getting longer. Minute by minute they lengthen out. It takes some weeks before we become aware of the change. It is imperceptible even as the growth of a child, as you watch it day by day, until the moment comes when with a start of delighted surprise we realize that we can stay out of doors in a
twilight lasting for another quarter of a precious hour. – Vita Sackville West

Time does fly, I can’t believe we’re at January end already. The wind is howling away as I compose this post, very gusty! It’s gone all dark outside; like dusk, in reality it’s only mid morning. Yesterday was a different story; rather mild for Winter, almost Spring like. It was a good thing that my daughter’s riding lesson was yesterday, today we’re just indoors. Was thinking of popping out to the library with the younger two in the afternoon, but I’m not so sure now. Don’t feel like driving in this sort of weather unless I really have to! I see the stems of my daffodils growing taller each day, but Spring seems ages yet. In the meantime, let’s wallow in my January blues. To be honest with you, it hasn’t been that bad really after all.

maintain summer, even in winter! my youngest by her sister's riding arena yesterday

maintain summer, even in winter! my youngest by her sister’s riding arena yesterday

January’s been a hectic month for us as a family. My hubby’s occupied at work after a long break back in December, he’s publishing several papers for conferences here and there. My son’s busy preparing for his GCSEs, not too long now, 4 months to go. He’s now looking at A-Level subjects, everything’s done in advance around here. I just feel as if it was only yesterday he started secondary school. And now we’re already looking at 6th Form options? Where has the time gone? My girls are growing up really fast too, involved with their studies and extra curricular activities again after the long Winter holidays. I’m there for them all, holding the family together, my best role ever. January’s also extra special because of my birthday, I’m now slowly but surely heading towards the 50 mark! I pray for a blessed life, to become a better person each day. I am grateful for all the lovely wishes from my beloved family and friends. Thank you for making my life so beautiful.

my 4 lovelies, growing up super fast!

my 4 lovelies; each with their own antics (spot the grumpy ones), growing up super fast!

I guess this post wraps up my entries for January. Every time I blog, I imagine writing a personal letter to my dear old friend, Shahnaz. We were at boarding school together. When she was doing her first degree here in England (I did mine back in Malaysia), we used to write really long letters to each other. We shared all our ups and downs. When she discovered my blog she said it’s almost like old times again, it’s just like the way I wrote to her! As usual, I end with a song. This time it’s a really touching Malay song from a superb Malay drama Satu Hari’ (One Day) I’ve been watching online recently. I love both the drama and the song! I can relate to it in a way; my younger self seeking adventure abroad almost 2 decades ago; by doing my Masters in England, hoping to broaden my horizon, leaving everything behind me…

my younger self, almost 2 decades ago

my younger self, almost 2 decades ago

Hurrah for happy endings, each genuine heart deserves one. Just the right drama/song for my January blues! 


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  1. It’s always a delight to read your blog posts, although this time I am back after a long interval. Best wishes and hope you and your family step into spring in good health.