a real bouquet


A Real Bouquet
Author Unknown

Everybody has two eyes
Bright as stars they shine
But their color may not be
Just the same as mine.

Brown or blue, gray or green
What difference does it make?
As long as you can see the sun
Shining when you wake

Some folks’ hair is very black
Some have blonde or brown
Whatever color it may be
It’s a pretty crown

Flowers have so many shades
And I’m sure you know
Many lovely gardens
Where such flowers grow

Children in this great big world
Are flowers in a way
Some are light, some are dark
Like a real bouquet

Did you ever stop to think
How awful it would be
If everybody looked the same
Who would know you from me?


my youngest with her friend at the farm yesterday

they are of the same age and get along really well; children focus on their similarities, not their differences

they love being outdoors, enjoying the Spring sunshine


my pretty wildflowers, they are the real bouquet of this world!

Enjoy this beautiful Spring song, it’s so lovely now that this magical season is finally here! 



3 responses

    • I’m glad you like it. I stumbled upon it by chance, but it goes really well with what I observed of my youngest daughter and her friend yesterday at the farm. That friendship and love has no boundaries when you’re 5 going 6, the world is all beautiful and peaceful with your dear friend beside you as you go around discovering wonderful things together. A lesson for us adults really, seems we need to get back to the basics; we need to re-learn from our children. Too much hatred and hang-ups in our world today, we don’t know how to live peacefully next to each other anymore.