eid memories


Life brings tears, smiles and memories. The tears dry, the smiles fade; but memories…MEMORIES LAST FOREVER!

Greetings everyone! Today is the 6th day of the holy month of Ramadan (Muslim calendar), I can’t believe it’s almost a week since we started fasting! Alhamdulillah, we are managing fairly well even though we fast for around 19 hours in England. Anyway, as always, this blessed month tends to make me rather nostalgic. I miss my family and homeland more than ever at this time of the year. Memories of fasting there in Ramadan followed by the Eidul Fitri celebration which comes a month later (Syawwal) stays with me. The last time I was in Malaysia for Ramadan and Eid as a single young woman was back in 1996, a few months before I flew to England to pursue my Masters degree. Little did I know at the time that it would be my last Ramadan and Eid there. My whole life changed afterwards when I met my husband and settled down in England. I still return to my homeland every few years but it rarely coincides with the auspicious months of Ramadan and Syawwal. These months are truly special for they increase our spirituality as well as strengthen our relationships with our nearest and dearest. I look forward to future Ramadans and Eids with my family, relatives and friends back in my homeland, InshaAllah. And this time I return with a family of 6! As usual, I miss my beloved father more than ever in Ramadan, I wish for the hundredth time that he was still alive to see my growing family. He would have been very happy. May your soul rest in peace Papa, you may not be with us in body but I keep your spirit alive, your grandchildren knows you through my memories. I leave you with several images from my Eid in Malaysia ages ago, along with a nostalgic Malay Eid song I still love. Ramadan Mubarak to all, do remember my family and I here in your prayers…

my younger sisters with my parents on Eid day, 1996

my younger sisters with my parents on Eid day, 1996

me on Eid day, 1996


my parents with my son, their first grandchild, Eid 2000

Never too early to play that nostalgic Eid song…I could listen to it over and over again…


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  1. Assalamualaikum Rosa Noor,

    Memang seronok bila dikenang perjalanan hidup yang lalu bersama keluarga yang tersayang, setiap satunya indah belaka. Serupa juga dengan saya…sejal arwah mak dan ayah meninggal..kehidupan jadi berbeza walaupun ada suami, anak-anak dan ahli keluarga yang lain. Sekarang ni tanggungjawab kita pula mengambil tempat mereka…membahagiakan anak-anak sepertimana mereka membahagiakan hidup kita dahulu..Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa bersama keluarga tersayang.

    • Waalaikumsalam Ros, terima kasih sudi singgah di blog akak. Memang betul kata2 Ros tu, such is life kan. Yang penting kita ada kenangan indah bersama orang2 yang kita sayang, walaupun tak berpanjangan tapi kekal di dalam hati dan ingatan kita. Semoga Ros dan keluarga diberkati Allah di bulan yang mulia ini.