beach blues



Hello little blog, hello all out there! I know, I’ve neglected you big time! Such is life, one gets so busy all caught up with the world one hardly has time to one’s self! To just reflect and be grateful for all the good stuff that’s come our way! Anyway, September has returned, with the promise of Autumn round the corner. I have to re-focus my energy towards the children, now that the older two are back at school and the younger two to resume their home education activities. But my heart is not quite ready yet, I feel as if my soul is still away on summer holiday. Yes, far away in beautiful Krabi, Thailand, to be exact. I shall never forget the few days spent there, truly memorable. I would very much like to return there someday, God Willing. The cluster of tropical islands, white sandy beaches, crystal clear emerald waters, smiley friendly people, more natural forests and waterfalls to explore, delicious foods and great massages are beckoning for my return. It doesn’t hurt to dream, many a times, dreams really do come true. Meanwhile, I shall hold on to these sweet memories which will remain with me for quite some time. Alhamdulillah for life’s many great blessings! Hope you will enjoy the pictures below!

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I want to be where the sun warms the sky…one of my favourites during my teenage years!


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  1. I’ve been there myself, and Masha Allah, it is such a great place. Hopefully the next time we get the chance to be there it is still as good, if not in better condition.