cameron roses


Hello again everyone! Apologies for not being able to blog once a week as promised. It’s been a hectic few weeks since we returned from our holiday in Malaysia. Anyway, I’m here now. This time around I would like to blog about Cameron roses. What’s so special about them? Well, I’ve already included a getaway to Cameron Highlands whilst I was preparing my Malaysia trip itinerary. I knew my family would love this place, my own parents took my sisters and I there when we were little. The British discovered Cameron Highlands when they ruled Malaysia, they retreated there whenever possible as it was cooler than the rest of the country.

We had a great time in Cameron Highlands; we visited the Boh tea factory and plantation, the bee and strawberry farms. Will try to blog about them all soon! But right now, let’s focus on those roses. I had wanted to buy Cameron roses, bouquets of them! I had that intention whilst I was outlining my Cameron trip here in England. Which was over half a year before we actually went for holiday. I wanted Cameron roses (about the only place roses grow in abundance in Malaysia) as gifts for my aunties, we were visiting them along the way. Cameron Highlands was the first place we visited during our road trip in Malaysia. The other reason I wanted Cameron roses was to put them on my beloved dad’s and uncle’s graves. I felt so strongly about it, I knew I had to find those roses. By hook or by crook!

I was over the moon when I spotted a few stalls by the road side on the way down from Cameron Highlands after our visit. There were a couple of florists, that was a good sign. But the first one didn’t sell roses. I ran across the road to the next one, I spotted a few fresh bouquets. The Chinese lady thought I wanted one bouquet, I told her I wanted a handful! She was overjoyed she sold me and armful and more! She was about to close for the day so she gave me extra roses at no extra charge. She was just overwhelmed that I had bought so many! Anyway, I ran back to the car to the amazement of my hubby and 4 children. They couldn’t even see me at first, just my arms full of colourful roses. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God) my wishes came true. The Cameron roses were mine in the end, after months of longing. My aunties received them happily. I just wanted them to know I love them always, regardless of the distance separating us. And the Cameron roses laid on the graves, accompanying my prayers for my forever beloved father and uncle, may they rest in peace…❤


my cameron bouquets, a couple more already been given away

my older two reciting prayers for their beloved grandpa

my older two reciting prayers for their beloved grandpa

cameron flowers for my beloved father

cameron roses for my beloved father

my beloved father, rest in peace

my beloved father, rest in peace

my beloved uncle, rest in peace

my beloved uncle, rest in peace


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  1. Getting back to you after a long break! I dont know what I have missed from you but really happy that you had a vacation in Malaysia and a family get together! Hope you had a great time. The roses are lovely Masha Allah!

    • Salam, good to hear from you again sis Yasmin, hope you and family are well. Alhamdulillah I’m so grateful for the chance to celebrate Eidul Fitr with my loved ones back in Malaysia, it was lovely. The 5 weeks just flew by so quickly, now it seemed almost like a dream. The roses were beautiful, they meant a lot to me as you’ve read in this post.

      • Life moves on my dear, both happy and sad moments have to pass! I am glad you brought back fond memories to cherish 🙂 hope we will keep in touch through our blogs and e mails. Lots of Duas for you and your family