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I hope I can be the Autumn leaf, who looked at the sky and lived. And when it was time to leave, gracefully it knew life was a gift. — Dodinsky

Greetings all! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I hope everyone’s doing well, wherever you may be. A lot has been happening in my little world, Alhamdulillah, mainly good stuff. But life is neither perfect nor all the time rosy, we’ve had our share of downs too. Nothing that cannot be dealt with though, as hurtful as it was at that moment in time. Life goes on, people move on, no point pondering over issues beyond our control and stay miserable. There’s so much in life to experience and explore, there’s many good people out there we can relate to. Always focus on the positive. Away with the negativity in life which saps your energy away!

As mentioned in my previous post, I am now more active on Instagram, like many bloggers before me. My main reason for switching my online presence mode is time factor of course. My 4 children are all growing fast now, I have to cater to their different needs. My duties as a wife, mother, home educator and homemaker seem endless these days. So much easier to update what’s happening in picture form, with an accompanying sentence or two! But I miss blogging to be honest, so occasionally you shall find me chattering away here like usual!

This is my 19th year in England; 18 years as a wife and 16 years as a mother. The first year, I was here as a postgraduate student. I have certainly come a long way. As time passes by I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I no longer feel like I have to be someone else in order to fit in. I have now learnt that I can only be myself at the end of the day. That’s when I’m happiest. My hubby sometimes says that I’m too serious. My younger self wasn’t like that, I used to laugh a lot. As we age, we change, hopefully for the better. But it’s nice to remain our old selves too. Positive changes are always welcome, it’s very enriching to adapt different cultures and backgrounds into our own. But I hope to rediscover more of my old self too in the process. I need both the old me and the new me to become a more wholesome person, I want to continue to sparkle, Inshallah!

I leave you with several recent Autumn pictures and a relaxing Autumn music. Do enjoy them. Autumn remains my favourite season, always. So serene and beautiful despite the cold and gloom. Till next time, Au Revoir!


my middle daughter writing a story at the local farm during her younger sister’s pony riding session

Autumn leaves

My younger two enjoying Autumn!

My younger two enjoying Autumn!


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  1. Your posts are always so refreshing and always give something positive to ponder upon. As.the years fly past most of us change, become more serious and maybe a bit cynical too. Often I feel nostalgic when I look back at the old ME, but this is life and we have to face a lot of things (some desirable some not!) as and when they come.

    • Thank you for your comment dear sis Yasmin, I always look forward to it. Sorry for this late reply. You’re right of course, we can’t be laughing away without a care in the world like we did in our youth. With maturity comes more responsibilities, that’s when we can’t help but take life more seriously. But once in a while it’s nice to be reminded of that happy carefree self we used to be, adds dimension to our current self. I hope you are well and happy in Pakistan, forgive me for not blogging as often anymore. Do take good care!

      • sorry for late reply dear sister, but I have been also very busy the past few weeks. My daughter had a major surgery and I stayed with her for nearly a month to help out with her home and kids. Not writing at all as I cant focus in so much tension. As you have so wisely written, with age and maturity come more responsibilities. But thanks to Allah life is good and I am hail and healthy considering my years! Take care and remember me in your prayers