The landscape belongs to the person who looks air it. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

nature at its best-my favourite haunt

nature at its best-my favourite haunt

Greetings from England! Welcome to my blog which I have created mainly because I enjoy writing for pleasure. Nothing too serious or complex, just some light weight writing as an outlet to express myself. I am the sort who has noted down personal memoirs for the last three decades to date, and have also written several short stories and simple articles in the past. To me writing is a process of self-discovery which is therapeutic as it clears the head, just like a cup of tea! I like the fact that you can write whatever you wish in blogs, and have enjoyed reading those of friends and strangers which are all very unique. Having spent two-thirds of my life in the East, and the rest in the West, I sometimes feel I am neither here nor there, a mere traveller passing through this brief life. Nonetheless, I wish to share some of my thoughts, feelings and experiences thus far (my chattering really) with those who know me. Perhaps how I perceive, adopt and adapt the Western values and cultural norms to fit my Eastern-Malay identity (which is not always easy) shall be reflected in the process. As for those who do not know me personally, my blog might give an insight into the heart and mind of a Malaysian now living permanently in the West. I have no specific order in presenting my posts, I write or quote randomly on any topic which inspires me as I go about my daily life. I shall update at least once a week, all being well! I’m fond of including relevant images (all mine unless otherwise specified) and YouTube video clips to further enhance my writing. Last but not least, please credit any reference to my photos or contents to my blog. Thank you very much for popping by, hope you’ll enjoy your visit. Do leave a message below should you need to reach me for any general query or comment.

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  1. thank you, I truly appreciate your nomination, though i’m not quite certain what to do next, is there a logo that comes with the award? Right, i’ve just read your blog entry abt the award, copy logo and then do the rest as required, will do so soon!

    • thank you! it’s matala by wordpress, my 3rd theme since I began blogging last dec. I think I’m quite happy with this one, fits the east-west theme of my blog. thanks for popping by!

  2. I love your blog so much that I’m inspired to Follow your blog. Thanks so much for providing great thoughtful content to feed my mind.
    Best of Luck

  3. Salaam aleikom sis 🙂 I really like your blog and your experiences living in the West. I would like to visit Malaysia one day inshaAllah. I like the focus on blessings in your blog, and not just rules. I think it’s inspirational. Ramadhan mobarak a bit too late. 🙂

    • waalaikumsalam, jazakallah for your truly positive feedback, i’m happy to know there’s people out there who’s inspired by my blog. malaysia is beautiful, hope you’ll get a chance to visit inshallah. ramadan mubarak to you too…thanks so much for popping by. 🙂

  4. I randomly found your blog while reading someone else’s and love what I’ve seen! Your reasons for blogging seem to mirror my own, so I’ve decided to follow you!
    Looking forward to when you resume posting!

  5. Selamat petang!

    I’ve just come across your blog and I like it. I’ve posted a link on my sidebar to your blog post in my blog. I created an image file for it and I hope you like it:

  6. Hi there! This is just to let you know that because I enjoy your posts, I’ve nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award. I hope you’ll consider this good news – but even if you aren’t interested in accepting, I hope you may see some increased traffic as a result! The acceptance rules are at: All the best!

    • thank you! it’s my pleasure to visit your blog, love connecting with fellow malaysian bloggers. you could add me to your blog list, or follow me via email or just click on my blog link whenever you feel like it! 🙂

  7. I’ve been going through “Sept” posts of all the British bloggers I follow in an effort to make a list of things to see and do when we’re there Sept 13-23. I just read your post from Sept 2012 commemorating your arrival in England and Kent looks like a MUST VISIT!

    I found it ironic that you arrived in London for the first time on Sept 14, and we’ll be getting in right around the same date!
    Anyway, I just wanted to mention this little synchronicity! 🙂

    • Kent is truly beautiful, I had a memorable time there. You must be really looking forward to your visit in September, exciting times await you! Hope all will go as planned and you will have a smashing time! Try to visit the Cotswolds too, those quaint little villages aren’t something you can find in America, I doubt it anyway.

    • Hello Dina! Good to hear from you! Thank you so much, I’m happy to know you enjoy reading my chatterings. Been blogging for a few years, slowing down now, more active on Instagram. Do connect with me if you have one. Hope you and family are doing well in Saudi.

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