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season’s greetings


May your holidays be happy days, filled with love and laughter,

And may each day bring joy your way, in the year that follows after!

Just a quick update to wish everyone Season’s Greetings! And Merry Christmas to all my readers who have just celebrated this festive occasion. Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I like this time of year as I see it as a source of light in the midst of darkness. The bright Christmas lights, the colourful scented candles, the lovely decorations all bring warmth and cheer to the dark dreary winter. Not to mention the cold, it’s down to -2c this evening!

Back in my homeland, Malaysia, Christmas is not as huge as the Muslim Eid festivals, nor it is as festive as the Chinese New Year celebration. But over here in England, it’s a different story altogether. The fact that it falls in mid-winter makes it extra special. In Malaysia, it’s summer all year round, so I felt indifferent towards Christmas. In my mind now, however, Christmas and winter are interrelated. That’s what makes it so beautiful.

Anyway, my hubby is busy re-painting our living room at the moment so I cannot access our main computer. Will blog properly once everything is back to normal. I hope everyone will have a wonderful end of year holidays till we welcome New Year 2015. Last but not least, let’s not forget to say a prayer for those who are suffering, with every happiness there are tears of sadness flowing. Such is the nature of this temporary life. Take care everyone!

Season’s Greetings to all!

This beautiful song captures the essence of this serene time of year in England!

eid ul-fitr

My Eid flowers!

My Eid bouquet!

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After a whole month of fasting in Ramadan from dawn to dusk, today Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid ul-Fitr. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a most blessed EID, have a lovely day! I hope you’ll enjoy the Eid song below which shows the happiness of Muslims across the world in celebrating this auspicious day. Take good care for now!

victorian encounter


I made another trip to the Victorian Christmas Market, as posted in my previous entry, told you I was a bit of a history freak! This time it was with my youngest two and hubby dearest. Believe it or not, we were in such a rush that I forgot my camera! Both hubby and I were fasting (had to return by dusk at 4pm to break our fast), and we were also trying to escape a major downpour. Fortunately the heavy rain held off till late evening, only a light drizzle whilst we were out there. As a result of this, all images in this post were captured via my smart phone instead. I’m not wholly satisfied but never mind, will try my best to do better next time around. Yes, the Victorians descended upon us again, as they usually do at this time of the year. Watching 100 stalls’ vendors in their beautiful Victorian outfits is one thing, having many Victorian characters whizzing past you acting out their roles transports you straight back into Dickensian world! I cannot do justice with these amateur pictures of mine to capture my whole encounter last weekend. Absolutely fantastic!

If you get the chance to visit England do try to find places where you can travel back in time, I would highly recommend it. England is so rich in history and the Victorian Era was certainly one of the best. As a family we always expose our children to these events and interactive museums, they enjoy dressing up and doing art and craft. Having experienced this Victorian Christmas Market for the past few years I get to see the more important aspect of festive celebration here, the jolly spirit and warm atmosphere despite the cold wintry weather. It’s about the people and how they make the best of the dull and gloom around them. It’s all about the spirit, of how you feel inside, of what makes you human. I realised how festive celebrations such as Christmas and Eid have become more commercialised in this day and age, it’s a shame really.

I hope you’ll like the photos below, snapshots of my second visit to the Victorian Christmas Market this year. I’ve also included a lovely Victorian Christmas clip at the end of this post, perhaps you’ll get a better feel of my memorable experience through it, do have a watch. As we head into December and the temperature plunges further I’m getting excited by the prospect of seeing some snow again. I thank God for all the beauty around me, England is truly beautiful and memorable at this time of the year. I’m certainly glad to be here!

having a chat

amazing sight!

natural wood stall

lovely paintings

food and drinks stall

speciality tea

aromatic coffee

lovely potpourri

Caribbean food

girlies’ favourite

how the Victorians kept warm

queuing up for carousel

traditional carousel ride

traditional art and craft

papa helping lil one

you can eat him up now!

she even made her own peg doll with papa’s help!

This is truly wonderful, do watch it to experience a Victorian Christmas like I did!