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young summer


What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade. Gertrude Jekyll

It is the month of June, The month of leaves and roses When pleasant sights salute the eyes, And pleasant scents the noses.  N.P. Willis

No price is set on the lavish summer; June may be had by the poorest comer. James Russell Lowell

brunch date


Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.

The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all of your flaws and mistakes and weaknesses and still thinks you’re completely amazing.

It’s the first day of June today and I’m feeling as fresh as a daisy! My hubby and I have had enough crap from people by the time the weekend arrived, we therefore decided it’s time to focus on ourselves for a bit. As it happened, the ideal opportunity came up just at the right time. My son was occupied with his GCSE revision, my big girl and littlest girl were at their Saturday Arabic School and my middle daughter was away in the countryside for a residential trip. Such golden moments are very rare, so we grabbed it without further ado of course. This time we decided to venture further afield for a brunch date. I was so looking forward to it, almost like going out on a first date all over again!

We were spoiled for choice as to where to eat, but finally decided on a particular cafe based on the online Tripadvisor reviews. That’s one good thing about modern technology, I must admit. Food was exceptionally good, unlike our regular breakfast at our local Sainsbury supermarket cafe. It was a special treat, one we both deserved. We ate, chatted, laughed; it was a light, magical moment. Weather was perfect too, beautiful in fact. Blue sky, cotton wool clouds, 14c with no wind. Who would have thought a simple outing like this could bring out the best in us both? We made a mental note to go out on more dates in the near future, God Willing.

can you spot me?

can you spot me at the cafe?


latte for me and chai for my hubby


full english breakfast with duck’s eggs and bubble and squeak for hubby

my salmon egg benedict

my eggs benedict with salmon and chives topped with hollandaise sauce

hubby and I

hubby and I

After dining for an hour, we went for a stroll. The area we were at had many boutiques and bespoke stores, it was a great place for window shopping. We were like a young couple once more; giggling away at this and that, discovering hidden gems together. We ended by a bench overlooking a beautiful park, laughing away like mad as we tried to take a selfie together. My hubby said it was like getting to know me once more, I felt the same. It’s so easy to lose yourselves when you’ve been married for almost 2 decades, what more when there’s 4 children as well. It hadn’t been easy raising a family all on our own. But (Alhamdulillah) we managed somehow and now we can have a breather as the children are all older.

It’s time for us again now I hope, aside from being mom and dad we also want to focus on being ‘you and I’. It’s not in our culture to leave our children with babysitters, so that’s out of question I’m afraid. But we look forward to more opportunities such as this brunch date in the near future, as our children will have more commitments of their own as they grow up. Anyway, I leave you with some pictures I took from our brunch date, as always, not everything can be captured. You will certainly lose the essence of your special moment if you keep snapping away. Have a good week ahead folks! To fellow Muslims, our countdown to Ramadan has certainly begun!


an aladdin’s cave we discovered


leisurely stroll by a historical building

awesome architecture

awesome architecture


we strolled passed my dream hotel, maybe a 1 nite stay on our silver anniversary?


Sitting on the bench together reminds me of this song; our happy moment, Alhamdulillah! 

500+500 miles


I told my husband recently of how I wished I had met him sooner, rather than in our late 20s. He smiled and said that I wouldn’t have noticed him back then. Hmm, I should be the judge of that I think. I then wondered whether he would have fancied me had we met a decade earlier. He said yes, without a doubt. He said he would have taken me away and hid me from the rest of the world! I thought he did that anyway! 🙂 My hubby is funny like that, he makes me smile. On days when I feel a bit down, I think of him and his sweet words and I feel cheered. Life is like that isn’t it, sometimes you feel on top of the world, the next moment you feel like you’re in the dumps. I lead a very simple quiet life, just the way I like it. I don’t even have a TV (by choice)! But from time to time (like all normal mortals), I can’t help but feel annoyed, upset, angry or sad. Dealing with people is never easy. Sometimes I just feel like shouting out, ‘Please folks, just leave me be!’ No wonder many wise ones throughout history chose to hide and meditate in the sticks far away from it all, stress free!!!

Well, shall we escape for a while then? Follow us on our nature outing during our recent Scotland trip. I took my 4 children on this lovely trail at a place called Inverawe. My children love pretending getting lost in the woods, they would walk fast ahead of me just so that I lose sight of them. Children love the thrill of adventure and I must admit I was like that as a child myself. But as a mother my middle name is now WORRY. Even though this forest was safe, my motherly instinct sniffed out for trouble yonder. I need to relax a bit, my hubby always says. I couldn’t agree more! Oh well, time to go out and chill I think, a good friend has invited me out to dinner (ladies night out) and I so look forward to it! I leave you with our nature trail pictures and a beautiful song to go with it. Would you travel 500 miles + 500 miles more to be with the one you love? Oh yes, 6,500 miles to be exact! Now I know where my children got their daring sense of adventure from!!!


our nature trail began


my eldest and my youngest leading the way

not that way!

not that way!

further into the woods

further into the woods


down they went


let’s slide down!


over the bridge

my big girl lost track of the rest

my big girl lost track of the rest

they found a little fort

they found a little fort


they loved it!

their role play continued

explored every corner of the woods


let’s have a short rest now

this is fun!

this was fun!


off they went again




stay quiet, there’s a deer!


and a Scottish Highland cow too!


seek and you shall find peace and beauty!

A Scotland post is not complete without a song by an awesome Scottish band, they take my autumn blues away! Enjoy it! 😉

hello summer!


Aaah, summer – that long anticipated stretch of lazy, lingering days, free of responsibility and rife with possibility. It’s a time to hunt for insects, master handstands, practice swimming strokes, conquer trees, explore nooks and crannies, and make new friends. – Darell Hammond

Well, looks like summer is here at last! My girls and I have just returned from our home-education group outing today, it’s been lovely. My legs are killing me a bit, been a while since I’ve gone on a proper walk like today. We were out exploring our local country park with the Ranger, it was well worth it. Not only was it educational (I never knew there were around 15 types of different grasses there, and a whole list of British wildlife animals) for the children, it was a much needed exercise for the moms as well. The weather was great, 21c warm sunshine with a gentle breeze blowing, the typical English summer’s day which I’ve come to love.

As usual I’ve got some good shots to share with you, not as perfect as the ones by you professional photographers out there, but sufficient for me! I’m just going to chill out with a cuppa tea after this and try to finish off my novel before our monthly library trip tomorrow. I just love days like this, hope there’ll be plenty more beautiful summer days to come, InshaAllah. As usual I’ve got a song to share too at the end. This song seems to be a favourite choice at superstores here during summer time! Possibly because summer romance is fleeting but memorable, not unlike the season itself. Anyway, I’m rather tired to analyse, over and out now, you take good care ok! 🙂

A sweet summer time oldie!

serene spring


In June as many as a dozen species may burst their buds on a single day. No man can heed all of these anniversaries; no man can ignore all of them.

And since all this loveliness can not be Heaven, I know in my heart it is June.

We are now at the end of Spring, Summer slowly making it’s way in but not quite there yet. I’ve had the opportunity to re-visit one of my newly discovered haunts, this time around hubby came along as he was on leave. Whilst our girls were at their art class, hubby and I spent some time alone. We took a leisurely stroll in the stately home grounds and then went for coffee and cakes in their cafe indoors. I also took my hubby round the museum galleries, we share the same interest when it comes to nature in art. Before we knew it the girls finished their session and joined us for another hour of exploring around. They liked the place as much as we did, I suppose our children have picked up our love for the outdoors.

Unfortunately our son couldn’t join us, he was busy revising for his final exams which is in a couple of weeks. Well, it’s back to our normal routine now; studies and work, with the fasting month of Ramadan greeting us in a few weeks before we can actually have a proper summer holiday. Good things come to those who wait! Anyway, I shall bid farewell now with several images from our late Spring outing, hope you will like them. I have also included a ‘serene’ song to match my mood, my local supermarket played it when I was there for my weekly shopping. Take care, keep smiling! 🙂