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special flower


Friends are the flowers in the garden of life,

Beginning with one seed of trust, 

Nurtured with laughter and tears, 

Growing into loyalty and love.

Thank you my beloved friend M, for the beautiful friendship that's survived the thousands of miles between us. Thank you for visiting me without fail year after year, I feel truly honoured, cherished and loved. May that unique bond between our children from toddler-teenage years blossom as they grow older. You are my very first real friend in the West, who will always occupy a special corner in my heart. You are a remarkable flower in my garden of life. Thank you for being there.

Thank you my beloved friend M, for the beautiful friendship that’s survived the thousands of miles between us now. Thank you for visiting me without fail year after year; I feel truly honoured, cherished and loved. May that unique bond between our children from toddler-teenage years continue to blossom as they grow older. You were my very first real friend in the West, who will always occupy a special corner in my heart. You are a remarkable flower in my garden of life; so strong yet so gentle, just like your wonderful boys my son loves so very much. Thank you for being there, thank you for being in our lives.

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A bittersweet melody which reminds me of the special flower in my little garden, thank you for the rainbow of colours you’ve added to my life’s journey!

good tidings


Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts Winston Churchill

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved Helen Keller


nana masters degree


my youngest sister, with her thesis in hand

ramadan memories


Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.

To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it the more fit for its prime function of looking forward.

Ramadan brings back many old memories for me; I treasure the ones with my family most of all. It makes me pine away for my growing up years, of being one of my parents’ beloved daughters. As the first-born, I took the first steps in trudging through all of life’s milestones. I am supposed to be the ideal role model for both my younger sisters, it isn’t easy sometimes. The photo below is truly special, it was taken just before my family and I flew to London for my wedding. My late father insisted on it, as it was a tradition for us to have a family photo taken every couple of years or so. Little did we know then that it was to be our last formal family photo with our beloved dad in it. I miss him tremendously, especially when I feel down. Doesn’t have to be anything major, it could just be a particularly bad day. I recall one of my cousins saying that I will always find my way to Ipoh, Malaysia, no matter how far I am. Simply because my dad is buried there, therefore I shall always return to visit his grave…

I don’t like to be too sad when I think of my dad these days though, like I used to be in the beginning. For I know he wouldn’t want to see me miserable, he would want me to carry on with my life and focus on those around me. Even though my dad was a bit broken-hearted that I was thousands of miles away after I got married, he knew that I was happy. He could see that he had passed his eldest daughter into the loving care of a very good man, who would InshaAllah (God Willing) love me forever more. I am also thankful to God the Almighty that my beloved dad managed to see his eldest grandchild before he left this world. In fact, he was there in the early days when my son was born, and he played the doting grandpa for 2 years, as I flew home quite often back then. Sadly, he never saw any of his 3 granddaughters, I know he would have loved them. I talk to my girls (and my son) about him from time to time and pray that we will all be reunited in Heaven, InshaAllah.

I was inspired to blog this post by a Malay drama I watched online, entitled Ijab & Qabul. This literarily means Offer & Acceptance, which forms the Islamic Marriage Contract. When a Muslim couple agrees to tie the knot, the bride’s father (or guardian) will recite the offer to hand over the care of his daughter to the man who wishes to marry her. This should be done in front of reliable witnesses. The groom will then recite the acceptance of the offer. When the religious official along with the guardian and witnesses are satisfied, a prayer will be recited and the bride is then officially under her husband’s care. A woman’s status is very high indeed in true Islam, they are supposed to be cared for and loved like gems, no loving father wants anything less for his precious daughter. When my late father closed his eyes forever, I knew that he didn’t have any major worries regarding me. I left his house to get married, and I shall remain in my husband’s house till the day I die. Thank you papa for handing me over to one as wonderful as you. I truly miss you, you’re forever in my prayers. Ramadan and Eid not the same without you here, but we shall carry on, you would want us to be happy. You always loved the blessed months of Ramadan and Shawwal…


my beloved family and I


ijab & qabul over me

Theme song from the Malay drama, Ijab & Qabul, very touching! It’s about the eternal love a husband has for his wife, regardless of her shortcomings. He’ll uphold the Ijab & Qabul he contracted, he will honour his promise to her guardian…




mother’s love



It was Mother’s Day in Malaysia yesterday, over here in the UK it was celebrated back in March. I don’t think I can ever blog enough about my mother, the woman who means the world to me. I have arrived at the stage in my life where I feel really close to my mother. Perhaps you might find that ironic considering the fact that she’s 6,500 miles away from me! I’m very much like my mother in many ways, therefore we clashed a lot whilst I was growing up. I was head strong and so was she, my late dad was the one I turned to at times when my mom failed to understand me. I realised now that she always had my best interest at heart, but because we were so much alike in character and personality, we found it hard to communicate effectively.

It’s rather different now, for the past 2 decades since I’ve become a wife and mother myself our relationship has improved in more ways than one. I think we’ve both changed as people as we age further, which leads to better understanding and acceptance of one another. I used to favour my late dad more as a parent; he was the sensitive, emotional and caring one, always there with a warm hug, the one I could talk to and vice versa. But I know now that it’s my mother who I needed most (especially now); I value her advice, wisdom and prayers more than ever. As I raise my 4 children I realised that my mom treated my 2 younger sisters and I differently because each child is unique, not because she favours one over the other. Being the eldest I used to resent how my mom paid more attention to my younger sisters as we were growing up. I know now it’s not because she loved me any less, but because she felt that I was very independent (I was at boarding school since 13). I could go on and on about my relationship with my mother, I could write on forever.

In a nutshell however, let’s just say that I’m truly glad that I’ve reached this point where I totally understand and accept my mother for who she is. And vice versa of course. I know she misses me and my family and wished we were geographically closer. But I also know it would break her heart if I was round the corner from her but depressed in my life. As reluctant as she was when she agreed to let me marry a ‘foreigner’ almost 2 decades ago, I know she is at peace when it comes to me because I am happy where I am, with my beloved husband and children. And that is what a loving mother wishes for her dear daughter, to be blessed and content in her life. Thank you Mama for your endless love and prayers, I will never be able to repay you for all that you’ve done for me, I am eternally grateful. You are the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met, I am proud to be your daughter forever. My family and I miss and love you so very much, may we meet again sometime soon, InshaAllah. Happy Mother’s Day to you and all other beautiful moms out there. ❤ ❤

my mother during her youth

my mother in her youth

my mother in her 7th decade

my mother in her 7th decade



meeting obama


Greetings everyone, hope all well out there! Apologies for the rather long silence, just been a wee bit busy with this and that. Which is a good sign of course, I’m living life to the fullest and focusing on the present moment. Life is too short, it’s best to utilize every precious time you’ve got. At this point in my life, my growing family is my main focus. My beloved hubby of course, and my 4 children who are developing super fast right before my very eyes! I also keep regular tabs with my family back home (thanks to our advance technologies), so this time around I thought I’d share with you the latest news from them.

My youngest sister had the most wonderful privilege to attend an audience with President Obama at a gathering for the Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative in our capital Kuala Lumpur today. She was selected by her Professor at University Malaya, Malaysia, where she’s currently completing her part-time Masters degree. We are very proud of her of course, it’s not everyday that one becomes a participant in an assembly with the President of the United States! President Obama is in Malaysia for a 3 day visit, the last time an American President set foot in my homeland was in 1966, even before I was born!

This is a joyous moment indeed for my family, my late dad too would have been really delighted for his baby girl. My sister also passed her Masters viva a few days ago, so she’s one truly happy bunny for now! Anyway, this post is specially dedicated to her, I am very proud of you little sis! You have come a long way, I pray you will have many more glorious and inspiring moments in your life to come, InshaAllah! We all love you forever more! ❤

A red carpet welcome for Mr. President from our King

A red carpet welcome for Mr. President from our King

my sister with her invitation

my sister with her invitation to the gathering

the audience at University Malaya

the audience at University Malaya

My youngest sister in red

My youngest sister amongst them

my sister captivated

my sister captivated

my sis shook hands with Mr. President!

she shook hands with Mr. President at the end!

close-up snap by my sister

that charismatic smile, close-up snap by my sister

Do watch a clip of the above-mentioned gathering here if you so wish, my sister’s in the background! 🙂