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time after time


Though miles may lie between us, we are never apart,

For friendship doesn’t count miles, it’s measured by the heart…

I’ve just about settled down into my dull gloomy winter routine when a ray of bright brilliant sunshine suddenly hit me. Yes, my two close friends visited me again, they both came around last year on separate occasions for work. This time however they’re on holiday, their youngest sister also tagged along. My close friends are sisters, they are only a year apart in age. I first befriended N (the older sister), when we were at boarding school together during our teenage years. I then met her younger sister, T, when I visited their family home in the east coast of Malaysia. Over the years N and I remained close, and when we all started our working life in the capital of Malaysia, we lived in the same house. N’s younger sister, T, lived with us too, along with a couple more of our boarding school friends. Since then we were inseparable. We’re like a little family. We shared both the good times and the bad times. We were there for each other until I left for England. I felt sad to leave them, but such is life, forever changing. I looked forward but they stayed in my heart…

A year later, all 3 of us got married around the same time. And the rest is history as they say. As the quote above rightly says, we’re never apart. Our hearts are still connected, we never miss an opportunity to meet up with one another. T has 3 children, I adore them as much as both N and T adore mine. It was good for our children to meet up again. I feel truly blessed to know these 2 special women and their loving family; it’s been 3 decades and I feel closer to them than ever. Thank you so much N and T for your beautiful friendship, I cannot express how dear you both mean to me. I pray our friendship last both in this world and the next. N asked expectantly whether I would blog about them again, of course I would. Thank you for the joy and laughter you brought to my home and my family over the past couple of days, the sweet memories shall warm the rest of our winter. May we meet again soon, God Willing! I dedicate my all time favourite song to both N and T; and to the rest of my ex-TKC friends who have sent their love and regards through N. I love you all for always. In my heart and in my eyes, we are still as we were at 16! Let’s walk down memory lane with Cyndi Lauper…  ❤


N, me, and N’s sister T; we’ve known each other since the 80s, now we’re in our mid-40s!


sunshine in my garden; N, me and T with their youngest sister (purple) and T’s daughter


friends forever, celebrating 3 decades of friendship!

If you’re lost, you can look and you will find me, time after time…

let’s cherish!


People come into your life for a season, a reason or for a LIFETIME…

It takes a long time to grow and old friend…

A true friend loves at all times…

More on friendship! One of my close friends visited me again last weekend, the first time she did so was in year 2009. This is also a friend who goes back a long way, since boarding school when we were 12-13 years old. But we got real close when we lived together along with several others in an apartment after we graduated. We had fun together, but I got bored after a few years and wanted more out of life. That was when I decided to pursue my Masters degree in England. As excited as I was to embark upon a new adventure, I felt really sad in leaving my close friends behind. I still remember when we went out together for the last time, they treated me to a high tea at a hotel. I even found a picture of us together during that outing, you can see how forlorn I looked below. Oh yeah, the friend who just visited is the one sat next to me!


my close friends and I at my farewell tea party, Kuala Lumpur, 1996

Little did I know my new adventure was to turn into a lifetime one, for I never went back! I got married the following year and posted a wedding photo to each of my friends. I missed them heaps but life got busy, my children came along and the rest is history! But I kept in touch with them via email and we met up every time I returned for holidays. We continued as if we never left each other; we still shared our ups and downs. We’ve seen each other through tears and smiles, we know each personality that’s made us either happy or sad. We don’t judge each other, we advise and discuss matters together. These are the friends that I can call up at 3 o’clock in the morning, or who’s called me up at some ridiculous hour because we needed a woman to hear us out. I feel very blessed, Alhamdulillah, they are still in my life today. With the advancement of technology, I now chat with them almost everyday! I feel cherished because these friends still seek and value my friendship over 4 decades! Although we meet new people in our lives, not all remain close for whatever reason. I honestly believe that as we get older, the most meaningful friendships are those that have lasted the test of time.



with my close friend who visited me last weekend!

Although we look different now (we have all put on at least 20 kgs each!), we still see and treat each other as the teenagers we once were. It’s funny that, but it’s true! Somehow we can’t seem to erase that mental image we have of each other! Anyway, I just want to say thank you to all my close friends, including the rest who are not in the pictures I’ve posted on my blog so far. Thank you for keeping in touch all these years I’ve been in England. It means a whole lot to me! Let’s cherish our friendship and love forever with this song below which used to be our favourite back in the mid-80s! 😉

Cherish the love, cherish the life! Specially dedicated to those who continue to visit me in my humble home…

living again


Hello again everyone! I am feeling upbeat once again, after a few months of sorrow. Yes, it’s still winter here in England, in fact some say Spring might even come late this year (end of May). It’s not the season that’s cheered me up, it’s just me deciding to start living happily once more. With the passing of my dearest paternal uncle last November, I had plunged into the deepest darkest corner without even realising it. All I seem to hear around me afterwards were news of death or some calamity or another. I still do in fact, my best friend’s mother has been hospitalised for a month, an old school friend just lost her mother, and several 40+ year olds connected to people I know had passed away recently due to heart attack. It’s scary really, but then death is a reality. A lot of people shun away from talking about it, it’s almost a taboo. But once you’ve seen death in your face, like I did with my late father, there is no turning back. It will affect you for the rest of your life. It just stays with you forever.

Which is good in a way, as in my faith we are to keep this world at our hand, and the Hereafter (eternal life after death) in our heart. There should be a balance really. I realised however, one cannot go around in gloom, particularly when one has a young family to care for. My husband and children keep me young at heart, totally alive, so to speak. To keep them happy, I have to be happy too! So off I trotted to my hairdressers for an instant lift, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of having bouncy glossy blow-dried hair afterwards. The rage now is of course Kate Middleton, being brunette (you can experiment with different shades) is cool and blow-dried hair is a must. I also made a quick trip to the outlet, was surprised to find some lovely outfits (Kate Middleton replica amongst them), very cheaply priced in the winter sales. I came home with a happy heart indeed.

Then my close friends contacted me for a cuppa tea, it was nice to catch up again after a while. One is French and the other is English, they have been Muslims for 2 decades now. I always enjoy socialising with them, you could say my Western influence comes from them, the food especially! Speaking of which, I have to mention here how my hubby decided to bring me out of my winter blues recently by introducing me to the cheeseboard. This is specially sold during the Christmas period, where you buy crackers to go with a selection of specialty cheeses. They go very well with a bit of chutney and some grapes on the side, simply out of this world! To think that I never liked cheese at all when I was back in my homeland, I’m quite a different person now for sure! Which also brings me to another realisation, I may have been inspired by Kate Middleton when it comes to hair and few clothes, but I must admit I fail miserably to imitate her when it comes to watching my weight though. Not with my husband tempting me with delicious chocolates and cheeses all the time anyway! 😉

Nonetheless, I’m just happy to be living wholly again, I want to enjoy my present life with my loved ones, I want to cherish and treasure them and those around me whilst I can. I stumbled upon a short piece on James Blunt a few days ago in The Guardian newspaper, and came across his latest video clip released yesterday. It depicts the crazy fast-paced life we’re living in today, but the focus remains on those we love, regardless of time and space. I love it, hope you’ll enjoy it too. Till next time, take care!!!

kate middleton hair

gorgeous Kate Middleton hair which is the rage here (courtesy of Google images)


blue lace dress replica I found inspired by Kate Middleton (courtesy of Google images)



my cheeseboard selection

the cheeseboard selection hubby bought me recently

can't stop eating them!

he bought me another lot afterwards, can’t stop eating them now!


malay women




good old times: with several of my precious friends, 20 years ago when we were 20 kgs lighter!

My good old friend who visited me last week is on her flight to Malaysia, oh how I miss her! She’s shattered from her work trip in London and Paris; glad to be on her way home, but a bit sad to leave me. Her brief visit has prompted me to write another post on friendship. It’s made me reflect on my life so far, on how fortunate I’ve been to have met a group of wonderful women I can call long term friends. As we grow older, people come and go in our lives, only a few remain in contact on a regular basis. Only a handful understands you and accepts you the way you are, more often than not these would be old friends who go back a long way.

I’ve been in England for 17 years now, I sometimes feel that when I’m out of sight, I would be out of mind too. But such is not the case. My old friends cherish my friendship, and for that I feel ever so grateful and blessed. I know I’ve changed in many ways ever since I lived in the West; for instance I only eat rice 2-3 times a week, I used to eat it 2-3 times a day back in my homeland! I don’t even prepare many Malay dishes anymore, was happy when my friend cooked it for me! That’s just a simple example, point being I know I’m a different person now compared to when I was living back home. But deep down inside I know no other woman would understand me as well as this bunch of lovely ladies I’ve known for so long. We may meet each other once every few years but we will pick up where we left off as if we never parted. We know what goes on in each other’s minds even before we could spell it out. I’ve met many women of different nationalities and backgrounds but this lot of Malay gals are closest to my heart, I guess I’m a true Malay woman myself too at the end of the day.

To entertain my present nostalgic feelings on a rather wet, windy and cold autumn’s day; I’ve included a Malay song I love, dedicated to all the lovely Malay women out there, especially those who know me personally. As my hubby always says about me; you can take her out of Malay land, but you can never take away the Malay in her! And I would always answer back, you are the only reason I’m here! 🙂 No, I think I’m quite comfortable in my own skin now, I am what I am. And my hubby is right in constantly reminding me that it’s my destiny to be here, as willed by God. Thank you God the Almighty for the many blessings in my life, for all the genuine hearts intertwined with my own. ❤

autumn cheer


We are Friends for LifeGreetings everyone! Allow me to take a short break from posting my endless summer holiday photos, let us focus on what is happening at present for a change. We are in early autumn here in England, my favourite season of the year. Autumn is also the beginning of the school year; so I am back to home educating my girls, in particular my oldest one. I am preparing her for the secondary grammar school 2014 entrance exam which is just round the corner (they do the exams a whole year earlier). Hopefully, InshaAllah, she will do well just like her big brother did.

Exams are always so stressful so I was delighted when a dear old friend from my homeland visited me recently. She is on a work trip in London and Paris for a week at the moment but took a couple of days off to visit me first. We go back a long way, we meet up every time I returned home and whenever she’s in England, which has been quite often. Out of all my old friends, she’s the one who has visited me the most here. She’s a highly successful career woman who’s done really well for herself, but she is ever so humble, caring and thoughtful. When she went through a rough patch in her life, she didn’t moan or groan in despair, she carried on as best as possible. All in all, she’s a wonderful person, I admire her so much and I’m happy to call her my friend. We’ve known each other since we were teenagers, we’ve seen each other at our best and at our worst. Now we’re both heading towards our mid-40s, I pray our friendship will last forever more.

I have a handful of treasured friends who mean a lot to me, I love them for their genuine hearts. I cannot express how much it means to me when they take the trouble to visit me and keep me close at heart. To my dear old friend, thank you for coming, you are my autumn cheer, bringing the warm sunshine from Malaysia with you! Her elder sister, who is also my precious friend, told me her sister’s fond of ABBA. I have included the song below just for her! To all my beloved old friends; thank you for the music, for the joy in my life, for giving it to me…❤

the best mirror is an old friend